Tax Problem Resolution

If you are about to be audited, or under a current audit from the IRS - I can help.

Do you have unfiled tax returns hanging over your head? I am here to help!

Owe the IRS back taxes? Talk to me and let's work together to solve this!

Few things are more disturbing than your own government claiming your assets to satisfy a tax debt. If you are being threatened with this, don't ignore it. I am here to help.

When you owe money to the IRS, your wages may end up being garnished. Sometimes, there are ways to end this garnishment and restore your paycheck back to its full amount.

Owe the IRS money? Surprised by a large tax bill? It may be possible to establish a payment plan with the IRS!

We've all heard the ads about how you can turn a $100,000 IRS debt into a $1,000 agreement. Now if you want the truth and a viable game plan...

What's worse than a cheating spouse? One that is also cheating on your joint tax return!

Worried that your previous tax preparer might have mis-filed your return, or filed a tax return that was different from the version he/she gave you?

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